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  1. Martin says:

    I see you have a gym in canoga park can I get a copy of your book there

  2. Guest says:


    I have questions regarding your eBook.

    So my understanding is that at first I do the 28 moves routine?
    How do I know that it is time to switch to the 32 moves one?

    Once I am fit to do the 32 moves routine then I just keep on
    doing the same routine over and over again? Isn’t my body going to get used to


    Thank you.

    • Seth Hymes says:


      Thanks for getting in touch. You will be able to determine for yourself if the 32 move routine is right for you; the introductory routine is mostly for people who are a little older or out of shape.

      And yes, once you do the routine you just do it over and over. It will have an impact on your CNS. This isn’t muscle confusion. It’s a routine to do that works.

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