MSNBC Dynamic Stretching Articles

MSNBC ran an article last April, 2010 called “Want a Better Workout? Don’t Stretch Before” This article publicizes the scientific research that shows conclusively: static stretching is not good, and you should do an active warm up. The article is available to read below. But here’s the funny thing. In February 2011, MSNBC ran another article called “Stretches Before Running Have No Impact on Injury”. It’s the same information! Based on a more recent study by Orthopedic Specialists. Unfortunately, it shows that the mainstream still hasn’t heard about dynamic stretching. The question is: do you want to wait for another study to come along proving the same thing before you take action, or take heed and learn the right way to prevent injury beforehand?

Here’s the 2010 Article:

And here is the 2011 article. Note the part where the participants are baffled by the findings of the study, even though it was conducted a full year after the findings of over 100 studies back in 2010. Help spread the word! Static stretching bad, dynamic stretching good!

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