You can give away this 28 page e book as a bonus, or as a gift to your subscribers. It also comes with access to short video demonstrations of the stretches described in the book. Below the branding instructions you’ll find links to 2 private youtube videos you can share with your readers.

You may not sell this ebook, but you may give it a value of $17 when promoting it.The rebranding software below allows you to embed your own Clickbank affiliate links inside the ebook, which will last as a 60 day cookie in your reader’s browser.

How to Set Up Your Re-Branded Bonus Ebook

1. Download the bonus ebook here

2. Download the Branding software file here

3. Open the branding software file (pdfbrand.exe), then click ‘open’, and insert the bonus ebook file

4. You will be prompted to enter your clickbank id (it will say – yourclickbankid). Simply enter your id, and then click BRAND.

5. Enter your clickbank id in all the spaces, for each instance that it occurs in the e book.

6. Save your rebranded ebook to a directory on your computer.

7. Now you can upload the rebranded ebook to your own website for use as a bonus ebook and receive commissions on all sales that come through your link.

In addition, you can direct your readers to this video, which accompanies the e book.

And here are some graphics for the ebook as well.

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