Utah Jazz Dynamic Warm Up

(Video)The Utah Jazz Dynamic Warm Up

In this video, Utah Jazz trainer Mark McKown explains the benefits of a dynamic warm up. This includes raising core temperature, increased flexibility. McKown also mentions the studies that indicate the loss of explosiveness and performance after static stretching. He also mentions the key benefit of the dynamic warm up: the reduction of chance of injury. There’s a really good reason why a pro team would choose to warm up using these weird looking active movements rather than classical stand and hold stretching.

You’ve probably seen various dynamic stretching moves in youtube videos on the web. What’s interesting about this video of the Utah Jazz is that their dynamic warm up routine is very similar to the routine in the Complete Dynamic Warm Up. How? Some of the people who initially created our routine have worked in tandem with the Utah Jazz. This video is from their training facility in Santa Barbara. Once you check out the Complete Dynamic Warm Up you’ll realize you are doing the same Drop Step Lunges, Straight Leg Walk Ups and initial warm ups that the Utah Jazz often do.

Check out the video to see what actually NBA pros do to warm up before they work out. (Apologies, there is a brief advertisement before the video).

Want to Warm Up Like the Utah Jazz?

This is a great video. It ends with some nice tips about using quick movements to help warm up the body and using exaggerated movements that mimic the movements you will be doing in your sport. But it doesn’t provide any real instruction on what moves to do, the proper form, or in what order. If you want to get a real, full dynamic stretching routine that will make a huge impact on your performance, then make sure to check out The Complete Dynamic Warm Up.

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