Dynamic Stretching & The Truth About Stretching

Dynamic Stretching is the expert recommended way to warm up before working out, whether you are trying to lose weight, get in shape, or you are a serious athlete. This site is home to AET Fitness, trainers based in Los Angeles, CA. We’ve trained over 5,000 athletes and non athletes in the past 10 years. And every single one of those workouts began with dynamic stretching.

For years most people didn’t realize that having a healthy diet impacts your health. Nowadays, it is common knowledge. But it took many years for this reality to spread to popular culture.

In the same way, most people have never heard of dynamic stretching, even though it is recognized within the professional athletic community as the essential way to prepare for a workout. It’s essentially a secret.. one you should discover before it becomes mainstream news.

Static Stretching versus Dynamic Stretching

Most people who do stretch before a workout don’t realize they are doing it wrong. We’ve been taught our whole lives to warm up by holding a stretch in a still position for 20 seconds or more. This kind of stretching is known as “static stretching.”

But in the last 10 years, experts began to study the impact of static stretching on athletic performance & injury prevention. Their discoveries were surprising. In clinical trials, they saw this kind of static stretching put the Central Nervous System to sleep, weakening the muscles. Not the kind of thing you want to do before hitting the gym.

From a practical perspective, think of your muscle like a rubber band. If you overstretch a rubber band it’s eventually going to break. You’re better off pumping the band with active movements than pulling it to capacity.

Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Ingredient for Longevity, Performance, & Safety

Dynamic Stretching is the highly beneficial, modern alternative to conventional stretching.  Dynamic  Stretching consists of active movements that stretch the muscles while simultaneously stimulating them and “waking them “up.” It raises your core temperature without doing heavy cardio. It increases flexibility, explosiveness, and performance output of muscles. But most of all, it drastically reduces your likelihood of injury while exercising. It’s practiced by your favorite athlete and sports team.

Until now, specific step by step instruction on a proper and comprehensive dynamic stretching routine has been limited almost exclusively to Professional Athletes and Division I sports teams. You can get bits and pieces about Dynamic Stretcing from youtube, but that’s like asking for stock tips from your neighbor. The knowledge just isn’t very sound. Most trainers at big gyms like LA Fitness or Ballys know nothing about Dynamic Stretching, nor do most personal trainers. We’ve had plenty of clients come to us after getting hurt by over exerting themselves under the direction of a personal trainer that didn’t understand a proper warm up.

Introducing A Complete Dynamic Stretching Course

Dynamic Stretching

The Complete Dynamic Warmup is a comprehensive, full dynamic stretching course for beginners and seasoned athletes. We walk you step by step through 2 full dynamic stretching routines. The results are palpable and fast. You will start feeling stronger, more flexible, and be less prone to injury within a couple of weeks. Click here to learn more about the benefits of the Complete Dynamic Warmup, Complete Dynamic Stretching course.

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  2. Really, running a personal training business not based on systems is the same as training clients without designed programs. Sure, you could probably wing it yourself and deliver an ‘ok’ outcome, but you probably wouldn’t be as effective as you could if you had done an assessment and designed a program – and you certainly couldn’t depend on having someone else train the client at the level of service that you’d want to deliver.

  3. Gym Benefits says:

    Stretching is a work out which make body structure flexible and stronger then before. Cardio is an easy work out that can be do with out any special training and equipment’s. If did it under look after of senior members then its benefits are also increased. 

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