Woodland Hills Personal Trainer

Woodland Hills Personal Trainer with over 5,000 Satisfied Clients

Our dynamic training produces amazing results, guaranteed!We are the premier Woodland Hills personal trainer, serving clients throughout the Valley and Los Angeles. While we work with amateur and pro athletes, we also help non athletes from ages 7 to 70 lose weight, get in shape, and reach their fitness goals.

Currently, our personal trainers work exclusively in southern California, in our gym, at high schools and colleges, and at client’s homes. However, if you can’t make it into see a Woodland Hills personal trainer(or live a few thousand miles away), we will be offering several online courses similar to the Complete Dynamic Warmup for people interested in strength training and sports specific training that will truly give you an edge over your competition.

When searching for a Woodland Hills personal trainer, we provide a variety of cost effective options.

Weekly Classes – We offer discount Dynamic Stretching & Dynamic Training classes every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. A great way to get individualized attention in a group setting, while saving money. Los Angeles Gym

Team Training – Take your team to the next level through Athletic Edge training. Currently we train many of the local sports teams including high school baseball, college baseball, football and soccer teams. We can train teams in our gym or yours! Contact us and let us design a custom program to meet the needs of your team.

In Home Training – The privacy, convenience and undivided attention of quality in-home personal training is simply unsurpassed. Our trainers are uniquely trained in helping individuals meet their goals. A small area in which to train is all that is needed. Our trainers will provide most of the needed equipment or recommend any further equipment which may be needed by the individual. Los Angeles Gym

Let us work around your needs, schedule and goals in order to get you where you’ve always dreamed of! Call today to set up a free in-home evaluation.Do dynamic workouts in the comfort of your own home. No 2 sessions will ever be alike. Our program includes: Holistic fitness Individualized diet Weight loss Flexibility and Yoga.

Boot Camps – Our boot camps are anything but generic. They are held in many different locations including our private gym. Bring a few friends and get into the best shape of your life for the fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 session. Includes: Fitness evaluation, customized diet plan and more!

Sports Specific Training Train according to your sport and tap into your true potential. Our sport specific training program is geared towards your sport and individual needs. Unbelievable results guaranteed! woodland hills personal trainer

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